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You are a client of DENOR because:

  • You need to have real-time information about your operations 24/7,
  • You believe strongly that information is power,
  • You possess multiple offices, distributors, vendors, buyers/sellers, dealers, warehouses,
  • You notice run-of-the-mill softwares are severely insufficient for your operations,
  • You need to outsource your critical applications or all of them,
  • You are short-handed to develop an effective and efficient ERP & CRM systems,
  • You are worried about the sufficiency of your current ERP & CRM applications,
  • You are tired of paying new licensing fees per user/module, year-in and year-out,
  • You are worried about the sufficiency of your current ERP & CRM applications.

Because you are a client of DENOR, you will:

  • Earn competitive advantage by instantly accessing information,
  • Manage your business instead of wasting time and resources on your IT systems,
  • Use your IT systems effectively and efficiently to gain competitive advantage,
  • Set up effective pricing tactics to obtain upper hand in the marketplace,
  • Focus on your core business and your mission,
  • Gain customer satisfaction and profit maximization,
  • Connect your front and back office systems,
  • Stop worrying about systems back-up and maintenance,
  • Access your systems and data at all times, everywhere, even when observing penguins in Antarctica,
  • Reach your data without interruption on different ISPs,
  • Put your mind at ease, knowing that your hardware is in good hands in server farms in care of professionals,
  • Conjoin software, hardware, and network systems on web-based technologies in order to lower your costs,
  • Guarantee the distribution of your risk levels while ensuring successful outcome of your projects,
  • Obtain overall efficiency based on provided IT services,
  • Ensure same level of quality on all internal departments,
  • Do away with IT staffing and its management,
  • Overcome management and associated control difficulties at support processes,
  • Lower project and running costs to a minimum,
  • Render your company able to quickly respond to changing market conditions and comply with their demands,
  • Adapt to novelties immediately that will help your work flow and its development,
  • Be globally visible in your sector,
  • Employ all the advantages of outsourcing,
  • Identify your client profile succintly in order to provide them a better service level,
  • Follow your clients' and personnel's movements on your systems to increase your running efficiency,
  • Integrate your business partners and solution providers to your system with ease and provide compatibility.

     Companies we worked together:

Asist Gumruk
Brobeck, Phleger & Harrison
Chela Financial Systems
Dresdner RCM Global Investors
Elize Balikcilik
Eric Nath & Associates
Eylul Tekstil
First Data Corp.
Galatasaray S.K.
Genstar Container
HarperCollins Publishing
Ida Gida
McKesson Drug Co.
Pacific Bell
Pacific Gas & Electric
SPL World Group
State Street Bank
Intermedia Cable Partners Group
Visa International